Enhancing all that makes your child amazing and unique

Start Different

The beginning of your child’s education is the most important step in their learning journey. Every child is wonderful and different and we give your child a unique start that enhances their individuality in ways that help sustain a lifetime of enjoyment through play and learning. We pride ourselves on being a little different from other local services. As you walk through our beautiful “byrd” environment we aim to create surroundings that represent beauty and inclusiveness. Our holistic high-quality service that’s been built ‘bespoke’ for adventure and play. Our vison is founded on our 30 years of experiences within the early childhood sector.

We truly believe it’s the ideal way to make a real difference in your child’s early years.

Our Mission

We continuously strive for excellence in all that we do, all that we are and all that we can be. We enjoy challenging boundaries and barriers that can limit excellence and are open to change for the betterment in programs, environments, partnerships and relationships. We understand that holistic learning is a community responsibility and we strive to make our centre an intimate village with nurturing and supportive care. We believe in a collaborative approach to developing practices, cultures and programs and we embrace and encompass the needs of all stakeholders fairly.

As parents of young children too, we respect and appreciate the importance of working as one with family. There is no better resource to a child than their own community where they can feel comfortable to share and collaborate every day. We also value and uphold the ideals of children learning as individuals, at their own pace and in styles they understand. We ensure our centres’ philosophy, programs, resources, routines and rituals can best support all our varied learners, all personalities, changing characters and enhances individuality.

Passionate Educators

We have worked as early childhood teachers, centre managers and centre owners for the past 27 years within an industry where we see opportunities to make a real difference. Together, we have created a friendship and partnership that blend our personal beliefs, professional visons and individual teaching pedagogies into a perfect balance that compliments our families, children and community.

Over the years, we have developed strong links and relationships with many local networks, people, organisations and early childhood agencies. This has become an invaluable resource that we draw upon to support our families, children, educators and our service. As the owners and educators at Erlibyrds, we will ensure that a child is at all times- represented, acknowledged, heard, supported and valued. We have the people, the skills, the experience, the community, the passion, the history and the knowledge to deliver -excellence.

As mothers and working parents, we acknowledge and personally experience the daily pressures of balancing all roles we all juggle so precariously. Creating a work and home life balance is the utopia we all search for. We recognize and feel how difficult this can be, and the stresses it can place on family. At Erlibyrds, we respect and acknowledge the complexities and challenges of daily life, the emotional demands that we experience as parents and the time challenges we constantly strive against. We will support our Erlibyrd families through this and ensure communication pathways are constantly available and open to create the foundation of a mutually respectful relationship.

We strive to uphold a service that not only professionally guides and supports each family and child, but also embraces the standards and principals of the Early Years Learning framework- a curriculum that underpins all facets of the centre, educational programs and supports educators in practice. We value sharing the diversity of family cultures, languages, backgrounds and beliefs. We use these values to develop our own personal growth and weave these through our programs and experiences to all children.

Enjoyment, Fun, nurturing, challenging, spontaneous, safe, comfortable and homelike- are words that we aim to bring to our service. Throughout our career, we have met many wonderful families, truly inspiring educators and incredibly passionate and adventurous children. Our early childhood journey is unique and without barriers. We strive to ensure that our children and families imprint beautiful memories and experiences from their time with us, and use this as a stepping stone within their life journey. We look forward to continuing to learn and grow from all those who we cross paths with. Thank-you for sharing this with us.

Luisa Duffy &
Pierina Paron Berry