Every moment is special and should be treasured

Our Point of Difference

We are ambassadors of inclusiveness and the ability for different people, experiences and children to come together for a better community. Your child is an individual and our environment and learning hub takes the focus back to authentic time and engagement with children, providing resources and programs that foster curiosity, play, social networking, emotional growth and confidence to inspire an overall love of learning.

By becoming part of our Erlibyrd family – your child, your family and your community – are supported, respected, valued.

At Erlibyrds it’s not about getting through the day… it’s about making each moment count.

We strive to live this each and every day and welcome you to experience our point of difference and give your child the greatest opportunity to thrive.

Your Child’s Welbeing

We understand that Family is the primary influence on children’s growth and development. It’s the reciprocal partnership of families and educators working together that is essential to maximise the potential of every child. At Erlibyrds we take pride in this partnership, starting your child on their educational adventure filled with Love, Learning and Laughter… and it’s different – different because your child is an individual and we aim to nurture them as unique and precious little people.

Nutritional Meals

Children’s health, wellbeing and nutrition underpins all elements within the Erlibyrds service. We deliver menus that are planned and developed in consultation with child nutrition experts and represent a commitment to healthy lifestyle and development.

Our produce is sourced by local businesses and order fresh each week.
We aim to use as much seasonal produce as possible to ensure we reflect what our environment provides to create appropriate menus.

Our Chef- Mr Jon- uses his 20 years of experience, to provide “homestyle” meals, that we know the children will love and enjoy. We provide opportunities for children to be part of the menu design each month, by reflecting on what children enjoyed and asking families to join in with ideas and suggestions that we may potentially incorporate.

We use produce from our vegetable gardens to create a “paddock to plate” style experience for children. When our Erlibyrds friends harvest, cook and eat their own “home grown” produce, meals times become even more special.

Erlibyrds subscribes to Munch N Moove, to assist with all dietary and nutrition support within our menus. We also source consultation with other local dieticians and agencies to help continue evolving menus, for taste and health benefits.

Digital Platforms

Our digital communication and technology supports the instant exchange of daily information from service to family in a safe and secure hub. Families have access to children learning, programs, daily reports, service information, child stories, and direct links to class teachers in real time. This helps to keep you connected to your child’s learning journey and share in their discoveries and accomplishments.

Erlibyrds uses Kindy Hub as our main too for service to home communication. Digital portals, where families can share their own stories, photos, videos and messaging, allows home information to be shared in class time with peers.

Our Facebook page – Erlibyrds, is updated on a regular basis, to remain in touch with our local and broader community. Centre events, photos and current information within the early childhood realm, provides an up-to-date snapshot on what our service is implementing and providing for our families and children.

Educators Who Love Educating

Our team at Erlibyrds all share the same vision, philosophy and passion in delivering a holistic learning landscape focused on each child as an individual. We are committed to ensure that families and children are engaged in all aspects of our beautiful service and that the voice of each and every Erlibyrd is heard, valued and acknowledged.

Opportunities are available on a daily basis, for families to be part of the overall educating experience at Erlibyrds. Providing many pathways to encourage open communication and families involvement, ensures we are hearing, listening and respecting the key messages our families and children are sharing with us.

We enjoy organising regular “family sharing” times throughout the year, where we spend quality time with families. These get together provides an chance for us to slow the pace down so we can chat and exchange valuable information about each child. These important and personalised times, allows insight into the family needs and what role we need to be and offer to support each child, family and the community.

Our educating team, is highly experienced and works within a framework that encompasses the core values of the Erlibyrds philosophy. All classroom teams are designed to provide consistency and continuity to families and children each day. The same smiling faces are welcoming our families each and every day.

A Nurturing Environment

Beautiful natural outdoor play spaces represent a classroom with no walls. We believe all children should have opportunities to grow and be as one with nature. Learning spaces open out to the yards to entice outdoor exploration and sensory awareness of the world around them. We share a sense of duty in promoting and challenging children to foster a respectful, mindful and caring relationship with all natural elements and our bespoke environment supports this.

Our environments cross boundaries, so children of all ages can experience different mediums, textures, play spaces and resources, in a safe and holistic way. Our programs use both the indoor and outdoor spaces as one, ensuring children can transport the natural elements from the outdoor to the indoor spaces. Our daily rhythms are flexible and have a flow to slow the rush of meeting the end result, but rather enjoy and embrace the experience itself.

Our preschool program sets the foundation for children to become strong, curious, independent and confident learners. Erlibyrds has strong partnerships with the local school network and uses these professionals to guide our programs with the latest information and school readiness resources.

Our local community compliments our own Erlibyrd community as we use this landscape to link into one. Our Nature Play preschool program, allows weekly adventures out of the Erlibyrd doors- into the broader community. The classroom becomes trees, grass, sticks, bark, and with our trolley of resources to support and extend each child’s curious and investigative minds, we have successfully created a program where children can control and navigate their own learning styles and unique outcomes. Nature play broadens each child’s relationship with not only the environment, but our local community, all natural elements , developing a strong and respectful link to the indigenous culture and country.

Not Just A Classroom

Learning spaces capture children imaginations, inquisition, curiosity and playfulness. The spaces have been intentionally designed to create an openness that allows for multiple play areas to be accessed and explored. Indoor and outdoor spaces blend as one with a purpose to immerse each child in a beautiful, tactile and respectful learning landscape.

Our classrooms welcome children each day to a new world of learning opportunities. Each room creates flexible daily rhythms which encourages children to challenge and explore their own interest, passions, ideas and opportunities.

Small and Large group experiences are weaved throughout the day to provide time for children to be part of intentionally based and emergent learning opportunities. The classroom environment is designed to cater and foster for all learning styles, and uses spaces, resources and natural elements to encourage play, ideas, investigation and pro- social opportunities amongst peers.

Music, storytelling, arts and crafts, science, maths, engineering and construction, role play, language and literacy, mindfulness, physical and fine motor, games, external sports programs, nature play, reflections of cultural and Indigenous perspectives…….are all part of a day at Erlibyrds. 

Custom Designed Facilities

Erlibyrds is designed to surround children with beautiful learning environments. Our centre reflects a respect of the natural environment and continues to thread this through our curriculum and service philosophy. We believe children have the right to experience and access the highest quality facilities and resources that support and promote learning, discovery, choice, individuality and mindfulness.

Our Service continues to grow and change as part of an evolutionary experience. With the voice of our children, families, educators and community, we future plan and deliver what is required to uphold the core values we aspire towards.

We resource all classrooms in a generous and mindful manner, using pieces that are sourced from many local and interstate designers and businesses. Our commitment with the creating and design within all aspects of our facility, is to ensure that we represent textural, physical, tactile and purposeful pieces, that help children link to their home and create a warmth and safety to encompass belonging.

A home is where children feel most connected and safe. We strive to embed this underpinning value in all areas of our Erlibyd community and hope to enrich each child’s day, experience, connection, and time with us.